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Our History

In 2012, retired maternity nurse, Calista Scott, was volunteering at the Sunrise Food Bank in La Conner, WA when she noticed mothers looking for diapers. Surprised and concerned she could not stop thinking about the mothers and their situation.

Away in  Eastern Washington for a year, Ms. Scott heard on national news, the story of Michelle Old, a young mother who started a Diaper Bank in Durham, North Carolina. This was the story she needed to hear.

Home in 2015, Ms. Scott learned the  Board of Health of Skagit County had appointed a group of community leaders, called The Population Health Trust, who shared a commitment to improve the quality of life for ALL in Skagit County.  Seizing the opportunity to begin advocating for families with infants and toddlers, Ms. Scott participated in a community survey in the spring of 2015, and in forums held throughout the summer.

Striving to learn more, she came across the National Diaper Bank Network, the principal  source on diaper need in the country. In the fall of 2015, she started a project called Diaper Need Awareness and took it to her community.  She asked mayors of towns and cities in Skagit County to sign proclamations during Diaper Need Awareness Week as part of a nationwide  campaign shedding light on diaper need and its effect on families and children.  Amazingly,  the fourth National Diaper Banks in America  Conference came to Seattle in  October of 2015, and she attended.

Calista and her husband Dean Scott began handing out diapers in 2016. In 2017, they were fiscally sponsored by Community Action of Skagit County. In 2018, they became members of the National Diaper Bank Network and started a non-profit (501c3) called the Diaper Bank of Skagit County. Each year they attend National Diaper Banks in America Conferences, having traveled to Philadelphia, Orlando and most recently, Atlanta, GA.